Why Choose Us?

We are a small family-owned business that works hard to deliver the best images to our customers. We usually spend days making a single design. We start by doing research on a topic and then sketching the idea on a piece of paper. We proceed to fully create the image either with an airbrush, traditional brushes and oil paints, acrylics or directly on a computer. The image is then transferred to the computer to be edited. Finally, we export it to be printed. The whole process takes patience and hard work. We don't mind doing it, because at the end, we have a masterpiece that you will enjoy wearing. Is there a permanent design that you would like us to make for our collection? Let us know. We also do wholesale custom designs, just in case you want us to design a shirt for your special event. Let us know how we can help.

About Us

DJ Torres,

store owner

We are an online apparel store from Lowell AR. Our passion is to create art that expresses who you are. Our joy is sharing this tangible expression of mix media. The goal is to create awesome designs and share them with the world. When designing our images, self-expression and culture identity is our focus. Our intention as a company is to share with the world our Latino art and culture. We include images from from pre-Hispanic art, and Dia de Muertos, to new hip and cool contemporary streetwear styles of today. Welcome to our store, thank you for being here!